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Cash for Credit Techniques

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Please have a credit report available for class, you can order it here...

1.      Name, email, home address, current occupation and current business address.

2.      Credit Report.

3.      List out the disputed tradelines and explain the reason for it.

4.      List out any false identifying information appearing on the Credit Report.

5.      Any correspondence including emails, letters, etc for any denial of credit or loan application because of a credit report.

6.      Any approval of credit or loan application from the time of the dispute.

7.      Any and all kinds of correspondence between the You and the consumer reporting agency.

8.      Any loss of employment as a result of credit or loan denial due to credit reports.

Credit reports are an essential part of one’s life in today's society. They determine your ability to obtain credit, loans, and even employment. However, credit reports are not always accurate, and mistakes can happen. This class is designed to help you prepare for a successful settlement with consumer reporting agencies when disputes arise. The goal is to provide an overview of the process and to give you the information you need to gather, identify and document disputes, and understand your rights and options.


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Cash for Credit Techniques

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