SPC 9 month Mentorship

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I will list everything they will get in mentorship : 9 month Mentorship

1. 6 month of status correction program for the family Value $4997

2. Learning How to take back your power Value $4997

3. Learn how to handle yourself in legal matters Value $4997

4. Title 50 Learning about the Cestque Vie Trust and how to access those Funds Value $4997

5. Creating a Trust to House all Birth Certificates ( protecting their children from CPS) Value $4997

6. Affidavit of Repudiation Value $4997

7. Deed of Re-Conveyance Value $4997

8. Declaration of Status Value $4997

9. Proof of Service Value $4997

10. Judgment of Un-Rebutted Affidavit Value $4997

11. Driving/Travelling/Automobiles Value $4997

12. Mortgages Value $4997

13.Trust Concept Value $4997

14.Essentials of a Trust Value $4997

15.Classification and Juristic Nature of Trusts Value $4997

16.Formal Requirements of Express Trusts Value $4997

17.Completely and Incompletely Constituted Trusts Value $4997

18.Secret Trusts and Mutual Wills Value $4997

19.Constructive Trusts Value $4997

20.Resulting Trusts Value $4997

21. Common Intention Constructive Value $4997 Trusts; Proprietary Estoppel; Licences

22.Unlawful Trusts Value $4997

23. Voidable Trusts Value $4997

24.Charitable Trusts Value $4997

25. The Administration of Charities Value $4997

26. Trustees Value $4997

27. Duties of Trustees

28. The Investment of Trust Funds

29. Evenhandedness as Between the Beneficiaries

30. The Fiduciary Nature of Trusteeship

31.Appointment of Agents, Nominees, and Custodians—Delegation of Trusts

32.Powers of Trustees

33.Variation of Trusts

34.Breach of Trust

35.Following and Tracing

36.Injunctions I—Nature; Damages in Lieu; Enforcement

37.Injunctions II—Principles Governing Grant of Injunctions

38. Injunctions III—Injunctions in Particular Types of Case

39.Specific Performance

40. Other Equitable Remedies

41. Land Patents

Today you will be able to get all of this in the Zillionaire Tribal Mentorship for a one time fee of $25,500 or $7,500 down and $2,000/month, if you would like to reserve your spot we only need $2,000 today and if your ready to get started please add you name and number to the form below and we will call you to get started Funding Options are also available you must have a 650 credit score or higher score

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$2,000 a month

SPC 9 month Mentorship

0 ratings